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Antibiotics and Antibiotic Resistance

Subject Area(s):  BacteriaHuman Biology and DiseaseMicrobiology

Edited by Lynn Silver; Karen Bush, Indiana University

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© 2016 • 404 pages, illustrated (34 color, 28 B&W), index
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ISBN  978-1-621821-19-9
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One of the greatest medical accomplishments of the past century was the introduction of antibiotics into the clinic. However, the use of these lifesaving drugs rapidly led to the emergence of antibiotic-resistant pathogens, which have become increasingly difficult and expensive to eradicate. Antibiotic resistance now severely limits our ability to curb infectious diseases and is therefore a major global health concern.

Written and edited by experts in the field, this collection from Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Medicine examines the major classes of antibiotics, together with their modes of action and mechanisms of resistance. Well-established antibiotics (e.g., β-lactams) are covered, as are lesser-used drugs that have garnered recent interest (e.g., polymyxins) and new compounds in the development pipeline. The contributors describe the mechanisms by which the agents disrupt cell wall assembly and maintenance, membrane synthesis and integrity, DNA and RNA metabolism, protein synthesis, and the folate cycle. They also examine how bacteria evolve ways to resist these disruptions by modifying the drug or drug target or by controlling access of the drug to the cell.

The authors also explore the environmental origins of antibiotic resistance and provide guidance on the rational development and therapeutic application of new antibiotics. This volume is therefore an essential reference for microbiologists, pharmacologists, infectious disease biologists, and all concerned with this medical crisis.


The Whys and Wherefores of Antibiotic Resistance
Cameron R. Strachan and Julian Davies
The Prehistory of Antibiotic Resistance
Julie Perry, Nicholas Waglechner, and Gerard Wright
Appropriate Targets for Antibacterial Drugs
Lynn L. Silver
β-Lactams and β-Lactamase Inhibitors: An Overview
Karen Bush and Patricia A. Bradford
β-Lactam-Resistance Mechanisms: Gram-Positive Bacteria and Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Jed F. Fisher and Shahriar Mobashery
β-Lactamases: A Focus on Current Challenges
Robert A. Bonomo
Approved Glycopeptide Antibacterial Drugs: Mechanism of Action and Resistance
Daina Zeng, Dmitri Debabov, Theresa L. Hartsell, Raul J. Cano, Stacy Adams, 
Jessica A. Schuyler, Ronald McMillan, and John L. Pace
Fosfomycin: Mechanism and Resistance
Lynn L. Silver
Mechanism of Action and Resistance to Daptomycin in Staphylococcus aureus and Enterococci
William R. Miller, Arnold S. Bayer, and Cesar A. Arias
Polymyxin: Alternative Mechanisms of Action and Resistance
Michael J. Trimble, Patrik Mlynárčik, Milan Kolář, and Robert E.W. Hancock
Resistance Mechanisms and the Future of Bacterial Enoyl-Acyl Carrier Protein Reductase (Fabl) Antibiotics
Jiangwei Yao and Charles O. Rock
Antibacterial Drug Discovery Targeting the Lipopolysaccharide Biosynthetic Enzyme LpxC
Alice L. Erwin
Topoisomerase Inhibitors: Fluoroquinolone Mechanisms of Action and Resistance
David C. Hooper and George A. Jacoby
Rifamycins, Alone and in Combination
David M. Rothstein
Bacterial Protein Synthesis as a Target for Antibiotic Inhibition
Stefan Arenz and Daniel N. Wilson
30S Ribosome Inhibitors
Aminoglycosides: An Overview
Kevin M. Krause, Alisa W. Serio, Timothy R. Kane, and Lynn E. Connolly
Tetracycline Antibiotics and Resistance
Trudy H. Grossman
50S Ribosome Inhibitors
Resistance to Macrolide Antibiotics in Public Health Pathogens
Corey Fyfe, Trudy H. Grossman, Kathy Kerstein, and Joyce Sutcliffe
Lincosamides, Streptogramins, Phenicols, and Pleuromutilins: Mode of Action and Mechanisms of Resistance
Stefan Schwarz, Jianzhong Shen, Kristina Kadlec, Yang Wang, Geovana Brenner Michael, Andrea T. Feßler, and Birte Vester
Pleuromutilins: Potent Drugs for Resistant Bugs—Mode of Action and Resistance
Susanne Paukner and Rosemarie Riedl
Elongation Factor G Inhibitor
Fusidic Acid: A Bacterial Elongation Factor Inhibitor for the Oral Treatment of Acute and Chronic Staphylococcal Infections
Prabhavathi Fernandes
Antibacterial Antifolates: From Development through Resistance to the Next Generation
Alexavier Estrada, Dennis L. Wright, and Amy C. Anderson
Antibacterials Developed to Target a Single Organism: Mechanisms and Frequencies of Reduced Susceptibility to the Novel Anti-Clostridium difficile Compounds Fidaxomicin and LFF571
Jennifer A. Leeds