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Book Series:  A Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Biology Collection
Subject Area(s):  GenomicsHuman Biology and DiseaseGeneticsOrigin and Evolution of Life

Edited by Catherine L. Peichel, Institute of Ecology and Evolution, University of Bern; Daniel I. Bolnick, University of Connecticut; Åke Brännström, Umea University; Ulf Dieckmann, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University; Rebecca J. Safran, University of Colorado

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How Does Selfing Affect the Pace and Process of Speciation?

Due July 2024 • 578 pages, illustrated (82 color and 8 B&W), index
Hardcover •
ISBN  978-1-621824-54-1

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How new species emerge has fascinated biologists since Darwin. Barriers to gene flow, such as sexual isolation, habitat selection, or postzygotic inviability, play critical roles. These lead to reproductive isolation and are crucial to the formation of new species.

Written and edited by experts in the field, this collection from Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Biology reviews progress in our understanding of the speciation process. Recent advances have shed new light on how reproductive barriers are established, how these barriers to gene flow are coupled to each other, and the underlying genetic mechanisms. The contributors cover innovations in genetics, genomics, theoretical frameworks, and comparative techniques that have broadened the perspective of researchers in the field.

They review the contributions of pre- and postzygotic isolating barriers, hybridization, chromosomal architecture, biotic and abiotic factors to speciation, particularly in cases of adaptive radiations. Speciation research has often become entangled with cultural and political views. This problematic history is also addressed, as is the impact of human activity on speciation. The volume will therefore be of interest not only to geneticists and evolutionary biologists but ecologists and other scientists interested in understanding how speciation occurs and its consequences.


How Does Selfing Affect the Pace and Process of Speciation?
Lucas Marie-Orleach, Sylvain Glémin, Marie K. Brandrud, Anne K. Brysting, Abel Gizaw, A. Lovisa S. Gustafsson, Loren H. Rieseberg, Christian Brochmann, and Siri Birkeland
How Important Is Sexual Isolation to Speciation?
Kerry L. Shaw, Christopher R. Cooney, Tamra C. Mendelson, Michael G. Ritchie, Natalie S. Roberts, and Leeban H. Yusuf
The Sensory Ecology of Speciation
Denise Dalbosco Dell’Aglio, David F. Rivas-Sánchez, Daniel Shane Wright, Richard M. Merrill, and Stephen H. Montgomery
Synthesis and Scope of the Role of Postmating Prezygotic Isolation in Speciation
Martin D. Garlovsky, Emma Whittington, Tomas Albrecht, Henry Arenas-Castro, Dean M. Castillo, Graeme L. Keais, Erica L. Larson, Leonie C. Moyle, Melissa Plakke, Radka Reifová, Rhonda R. Snook, Murielle Ålund, and Alexandra A.-T. Weber
How Important Is Variation in Extrinsic Reproductive Isolation to the Process of Speciation?
Linyi Zhang, Etsuko Nonaka, Megan Higgie, and Scott Egan
Coevolutionary Interactions between Sexual and Habitat Isolation during Reinforcement
Roman Yukilevich, Fumio Aoki, Scott Egan, and Linyi Zhang
Coupling of Barriers to Gene Exchange: Causes and Consequences
Erik B. Dopman, Kerry L. Shaw, Maria R. Servedio, Roger K. Butlin, and Carole M. Smadja
Quantitative Analyses of Coupling in Hybrid Zones
Thomas J. Firneno, Jr., Georgy Semenov, Erik B. Dopman, Scott A. Taylor, Erica L. Larson, and Zachariah Gompert
Negative Coupling: The Coincidence of Premating Isolating Barriers Can Reduce Reproductive Isolation
Thomas G. Aubier, Michael Kopp, Isaac J. Linn, Oscar Puebla, Marina Rafajlović, and Maria R. Servedio
Genetic Coupling of Mate Recognition Systems in the Genomic Era
Michael G. Ritchie and Roger K. Butlin
Genomic Approaches Are Improving Taxonomic Representation in Genetic Studies of Speciation
Kira E. Delmore, Hannah Justen, Kathleen M. Kay, Jun Kitano, Leonie C. Moyle, Rike Stelkens, Matthew A. Streisfeld, Yo Y. Yamasaki, and Joseph Ross
Genetics and the Evolution of Prezygotic Isolation
Richard M. Merrill, Henry Arenas-Castro, Anna F. Feller, Julia Harenčár, Matteo Rossi, Matthew A. Streisfeld, and Kathleen M. Kay
The Ecology of Hybrid Incompatibilities
Ken A. Thompson, Yaniv Brandvain, Jenn M. Coughlan, Kira E. Delmore, Hannah Justen, Catherine R. Linnen, Daniel Ortiz-Barrientos, Catherine A. Rushworth, Hilde Schneemann, Molly Schumer, and Rike Stelkens
Mechanisms of Intrinsic Postzygotic Isolation: From Traditional Genic and Chromosomal Views to Genomic and Epigenetic Perspective
Radka Reifová, S. Lorena Ament-Velásquez, Yann Bourgeois, Jenn M. Coughlan, Jonna Kulmuni, Agnieszka P. Lipinska, Genta Okude, Laurie Stevison, Kohta Yoshida, and Jun Kitano
Fisher’s Geometric Model as a Tool to Study Speciation
Hilde Schneemann, Bianca De Sanctis, and John J. Welch
The Role of Hybridization in Species Formation and Persistence
Joshua V. Peñalba, Anna Runemark, Joana I. Meier, Pooja Singh, Guinevere O.U. Wogan, Rosa Sánchez-Guillén, James Mallet, Sina J. Rometsch, Mitra Menon, Ole Seehausen, Jonna Kulmuni, and Ricardo J. Pereira
Structural Variants and Speciation: Multiple Processes at Play
Emma L. Berdan, Thomas G. Aubier, Salvatore Cozzolino, Rui Faria, Jeffrey L. Feder, Mabel D. Giménez, Mathieu Joron, Jeremy B. Searle, and Claire Mérot
The Impact of Chromosomal Rearrangements in Speciation: From Micro- to Macroevolution
Kay Lucek, Mabel D. Giménez, Mathieu Joron, Marina Rafajlović, Jeremy B. Searle, Nora Walden, Anja Marie Westram, and Rui Faria
Why Do Some Lineages Radiate While Others Do Not? Perspectives for Future Research on Adaptive Radiations
Rishi De-Kayne, Rowan Schley, Julia M.I. Barth, Luke C. Campillo, Catalina Chaparro-Pedraza, Jahnavi Joshi, Walter Salzburger, Bert Van Bocxlaer, Darko D. Cotoras, Carmelo Fruciano, Anthony J. Geneva, Rosemary Gillespie, Joseph Heras, Stephan Koblmüller, Blake Matthews, Renske E. Onstein, Ole Seehausen, Pooja Singh, Erik I. Svensson, David Salazar-Valenzuela, Maarten P.M. Vanhove, Guinevere O.U. Wogan, Ryo Yamaguchi, Anne D. Yoder, and José Cerca Niche
Theory as an Underutilized Resource for the Study of Adaptive Radiation
Rachel M. Germain, Blake Matthews, and Luke Harmon
Understanding the Influence of Host Radiation on Symbiont Speciation through Parasites of Species Flock
Maarten P.M. Vanhove, Nikol Kmentová, Christel Faes, Jorge M.O. Fernandes, Christoph Hahn, Niel Hens, Antoine Pariselle, and Stephan Koblmüller
Avian Island Radiations Shed Light on the Dynamics of Adaptive and Nonadaptive Radiation
Juan Carlos Illera, Juan Carlos Rando, Martim Melo, Luís Valente, and Martin Stervander
Neotropics as a Cradle for Adaptive Radiations
Juan E. Guevara-Andino, Liliana M. Dávalos, Felipe Zapata, María José Endara, Darko D. Cotoras, Jaime Chaves, Santiago Claramunt, Julia López-Delgado, Angela M. Mendoza-Henao, David Salazar-Valenzuela, Gonzalo Rivas-Torres, and Justin Yeager
Combining Molecular, Macroevolutionary, and Macroecological Perspectives on the Generation of Diversity
Lindell Bromham
Favored Races in the Struggle for Life: Racism and the Speciation Concept
Joseph L. Graves, Jr.
Anthropogenic Change and the Process of Speciation
Murielle Ålund, Meredith Cenzer, Nicolas Bierne, Janette W. Boughman, José Cerca, Mattheau S. Comerford, Alessandro Culicchi, Brian Langerhans, S. Eryn McFarlane, Markus H. Möst, Henry North, Anna Qvarnström, Mark Ravinet, Richard Svanbäck, and Scott A. Taylor
Predictability, an Orrery, and a Speciation Machine: Quest for a Standard Model of Speciation
Marius Roesti, Hannes Roesti, Ina Satokangas, Janette W. Boughman, Samridhi Chaturvedi, Jochen B.W. Wolf, and R. Brian Langerhans