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Invertebrate Neurobiology

(Cold Spring Harbor Monograph Series 49)

Book Series:  Cold Spring Harbor Monograph Series
Subject Area(s):  Drosophila melanogasterNeurobiology

Edited by Geoffrey North, Editor of Current Biology; Ralph J. Greenspan, The Neurosciences Institute, San Diego, California

© 2007 • 665 pp., illus., index
Hardcover •
ISBN  978-087969819-5

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This collection from Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Biology captures the current excitement in invertebrate neurobiology, from the manipulation of activity in specified neurons to the investigation of behavior. The monograph emphasizes the evolutionary aspects of neurobiology and work on non-model species. The chapters, from internationally respected contributors, incorporate trenchant findings but also identify important outstanding questions. The volume will inspire graduate students and post-docs, and provide a good starting point for any scientist who wants to learn about this resurgent field.

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Geoffrey North

1. Searching for Insight: Using Invertebrate Nervous Systems to Illuminate Fundamental Principles in Neuroscience
Eve Marder

Emerging Techniques
2. Circuit-breaking and Behavioral Analysis by Molecular Genetic Manipulation of Neural Activity in Drosophila
Todd C. Holmes, Vasu Sheeba, Doˇgukan Mizrak, Bálint Rubovszky, and David Dahdal
3. Electrophysiology and Optophysiology of Complex Brain Functions in Insects.
Randolf Menzel

Sensory Systems
4. Olfactory/Gustatory Processing
Leslie B. Vosshall
5. Optic Flow Processing in the Cockpit of the Fly
Alexander Borst and Juergen Haag
6. Ommatidial Adaptations for Spatial, Spectral and Polarisation Vision in Arthropods
Eric Warrant, Almut Kelber and Rikard Frederiksen
7. Auditory Systems in Insects
Daniel Robert and Ronald R. Hoy
8. Mechanosensory Regulation of Invertebrate Motor Systems
Dawn M. Blitz and Michael P. Nusbaum

Motor Systems
9. The Neuromechanics of Fly Flight Control
Mark A. Frye
10. Insect Walking: From Reduced Preparations to Natural Terrain
Roy E. Ritzmann and Ansgar Büschges
11. Invertebrate Central Pattern Generators
Paul S. Katz and Scott L. Hooper

Learning and Memory
12. Invertebrate Cognition: Nonelemental Learning beyond Simple Conditioning
Martin Giurfa
13. Memories of Worms and Flies: From Gene to Behavior
Catharine Rankin and Josh Dubnau
14. Simple Minds: The Neurobiology of Invertebrate Learning and Memory
David L. Glanzman

Behavior and Neuroethology Models
15. Going Wild: Towards an Ecology of Visual Information Processing
Jochen Zeil, Norbert Boeddecker, Jan M. Hemmi, and Wolfgang Stürzl
16. Elements of Courtship Behavior in Drosophila
Jean-Francois Ferveur
17. Foraging in Flies and Worms
Mario de Bono and Marla B. Sokolowski
18. Spatial Aspects of Foraging in Ants and Bees
Matthew Collett and Thomas S. Collett
19. Circadian Rhythms and Sleep
Amita Sehgal and Ravi Allada
20. Behavioral Choice
William Kristan and Rhanor Gillette
21. Neuroendocrinology of Eclosion
John Ewer

22. Evolution of Excitability in Lower Metazoans
Robert W. Meech and George O. Mackie
23. Evolution of Behavioral Genes
Rodolfo Costa, Federica Sandrelli, and Charalambos P. Kyriacou

Afterword: Universality and Brain Mechanisms
Ralph J. Greenspan


review:  “[T]he book will be a useful source of information for researchers, as well as for teachers in preparing advanced level lectures. I recommend that every Neuroscientist ensures they have access to it.”
      —The Journal of Experimental Biology

review:  “This book succeeds overall in confirming that invertebrate brains still have much to contribute and that there is a wealth of wonderful material that could be pulled together to inform a new level of understanding of brain function.”
      —The Quarterly Review of Biology

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