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The Golgi

Subject Area(s):  Cell Biology

Edited by Graham Warren, University of Vienna; James Rothman, Yale University

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© 2011 • 322 pp., illus. (56 4C and 12 B&W images), index
Hardcover •
ISBN  978-0-87969-873-7

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Identified more than 100 years ago by Camillo Golgi, the Golgi is a series of flattened cisternae that acts as a critical sorting and processing station for intracellular traffic. It receives cargo in vesicles exported from the endoplasmic reticulum and then dispatches this to the plasma membrane for secretion or directs it to other organelles, such as endosomes. The Golgi also plays an important role in carbohydrate metabolism: It is the major site for attachment of sugar moieties to proteins.

Written and edited by experts in the field, this collection from Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Biology includes contributions that review the current models for Golgi traffic and detail the functions of the cargo carrying machinery, such as the COPI and COPII vesicles, the glycosidases and glycosyltransferases that determine the oligosaccharide composition of the cargo, the various sorting signals, GTPases, and adaptor proteins involved, and the tethers and SNAREs that mediate vesicle fusion and deliver the cargo to the next compartment on the pathway. The contributors also examine recent insights into Golgi architecture and positioning, and the way the Golgi fragments and regenerates during cell division.

This volume, which includes discussions of Golgi bypass mechanisms, the evolution and diversity of the Golgi, and the involvement of Golgi in development and human inherited diseases, serves as a comprehensive reference for all cell biologists interested in this intriguing organelle.


Graham Warren and James Rothman
1. Architecture of the Mammalian Golgi
Judith Klumperman
2. Golgi Glycosylation
Pamela Stanley
3. Golgi Glycosylation and Human Inherited Disease
Hudson H. Freeze and Bobby G. Ng
4. Models for Golgi Traffic: A Critical Assessment
Benjamin S. Glick and Alberto Luini
5. Entry and Exit Mechanisms at the cis-Face of the Golgi Complex
Andrés Lorente-Rodríguez and Charles Barlowe
6. COPI Budding Within the Golgi Stack
Vincent Popoff, Frank Adolf, Britta Brügger, and Felix Wieland
7. The Golgin Coiled-Coil Proteins of the Golgi Apparatus
Sean Munro
8. Organization of SNAREs within the Golgi Stack
Jörg Malsam and Thomas H. Söllner
9. Mechanisms of Protein Retention in the Golgi
David K. Banfield
10. Structure of Golgi Transport Proteins
Daniel Kümmel and Karin M. Reinisch
11. Golgi and Related Vesicle Proteomics: Simplify to Identify
Joan Gannon, John J.M. Bergeron, and Tommy Nilsson
12. Entry at the Trans Face of the Golgi
Suzanne R. Pfeffer
13. PKD Regulates Membrane Fission to Generate TGN to Cell Surface Transport Carriers
Vivek Malhotra and Felix Campelo
14. Signaling at the Golgi
Peter Mayinger
15. Golgi Positioning
Smita Yadav and Adam D. Linstedt
16. Golgi During Development
Weimin Zhong
17. Golgi Biogenesis
Yanzhuang Wang and Joachim Seemann
18. Golgi Bypass: Skirting Around the Heart of Classical Secretion
Adam G. Grieve and Catherine Rabouille
19. Evolution and Diversity of the Golgi Apparatus
Mary J. Klute, Paul Melançon, and Joel B. Dacks
20. Evolutionary Forces Shaping the Golgi Glycosylation Machinery: Why Cell Surface Glycans are Universal to Living Cells
Ajit Varki

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